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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Quotes

Maryland I do agree it’s strange that a Klingon would ever be in Starfleet since some of his values are so different. Also, I don’t understand how he is permitted to wear that sash with his uniform since Ensign Ro was forbidden to wear her fancy earring. But then later I noticed that Ensign Ro was wearing the earring so I guess they relented. I’m certain that I probably wouldn’t like a person like Worf in person as a friend but he’s great for the show and I imagine that he would be great to work with.

I love his sense of honor. I just saw an episode, I think it was called Chain of Command, in which another captain took over the Enterprise temporarily for a particular mission and he told Counselor Troi that she had to wear a regular uniform.

Ezri Dax was a joined Trill and the ninth host of the Dax symbiont. She served as counselor aboard Deep Space 9, beginning in She was joined to Dax shortly after the death of its previous host, ation: Federation Starfleet, House of Martok.

Although Jadzia was always a shy and quiet child, she was very driven by her ambitions to one day be joined to a symbiont. She spent much of her early life focusing on achieving her goals and would become the only member of her family to be joined. While at the Academy, she earned Premier Distinctions in astrophysics , exoarchaeology , exobiology and zoology. The reason he gave for this decision was that Jadzia lacked purpose.

After Curzon’s initial decision, she successfully re-applied that same year and became the only Trill in history to successfully complete the program after having been rejected. She described herself as going as a “different woman” into the program and “tore through it with a passion”. The experience of her initial rejection would haunt her for years to come and was one reason why she never had positive feelings about returning to Trill. She never could understand why she was washed out of the program by Curzon.

After being approved for joining, she had heard of Curzon’s deteriorating health and requested that she receive the Dax symbiont after Curzon’s death.

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Yeah, it is made of the most interesting woman on the show, and the nerd who has had by far the most character development. Its more like…a brother and sister relationship. Except if they were actually brother and sister, it would be be really, really creepy. Rocketboy I resent the idea that Worf became less important in the last season of DS He managed to retrieve the Breen super weapon, an act which saved the Federation.

Smiling, Worf finally gets the hint, and recites Kahless’s lines, followed by the pair of them sparring for a bit, ending with Dax on top of Worf. O’Brien and Kira board a runabout. The.

I ended up doing the same for Star Trek. By my mid teens I had a firmer grasp of Capitalism and the idea of cash grabs and viewed shows like TNG and even Battlestar Galactica in as an attempt to generate more revenue, period. The truth is that I just wanted to hold tight to the memories of shows I loved during the simpler times of my childhood.

All I saw was the Network trying get me to buy into something new. I did give it a quick 10 minutes, found Q to be one dimensional, Picard old, stuffy and too formally British ironic seeing as I was born in England the story soft and the acting a bit too Sci Fi-ish In fact, Star Trek the Original Series is pretty much the only “old timey” show I can watch, which was ironic seeing as my dedication to the originals kept me from watching the Battlestar Galactica to me the best Sci Fi TV show ever till the start of the regular weekly shows seriously As each series progressed, so did the characters.

But in this post I will revisit the primary reason for writing about Star Trek. As a man of colour, it wasn’t always easy growing up without heroes I we could emulate or relate to, and in most non Black TV shows the formula of one Black person per cast is alive and well even today, where as with DS9 by season five there were three in Captain Sisko, his son Jake, and Commander Worf.

Julian And Jadzia Meet Seven Of Nine

In short, I made it all up. I never liked the idea of having Worf living on the Defiant, so, in this story, he doesn’t. Go back to sleep. He sighed, “Why do you have to be so difficult? Worf and I had drinks after work, then when he went home I joined a late game of Tongo with a group of Ferengii. She and Worf did have drinks after work, but when he went home, she accompanied him.

They were dating in “All Good Things ” and there is nothing in “Generations”, not on film or in the movie that explains their relationship status. The book “Imzadi II” explains that on the Farragut, Worf broke things off with Deanna as they were leaving the planet where the Enterprise had been destroyed.

Commander Sisko arrives at Deep Space 9 with the Defiant, the only Starfleet vessel built especially for combat and equipped with a Romulan cloaking device. His plan is to meet and to come to terms with the mysterious Founders of the Dominion in the Gamma Quadrant. Odo, who has been replaced by Commander Eddington as head of security, grudgingly joins the Defiant crew. They proceed into the Gamma Quadrant under cloak.

Staring at a star chart of the sectors ahead, which show the way to a comm relay of the Vorta, a race belonging to the Dominion, Odo feels strangely attracted to a place called the Omarion Nebula. Moreover, the Defiant, in spite of the cloaking, comes under attack by three Jem’Hadar vessels and is boarded. Odo manages to escape in a shuttle with an unconscious Kira and sets a course for the Omarion Nebula. Inside the nebula they land on a planet that turns out to be Odo’s home. He is told by a female shapeshifter that their kind has sought refuge on this world after their species had been persecuted by the “Solids” for a long time.

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I know what you’re thinking. He has pretty sweet pipes for a light bulb. That’s what I am, right?

Jadzia Dax was a joined Trill and the eighth host of the Dax symbiont from to She was a Starfleet science officer who served on space station Deep Space 9 Species: Trill (joined).

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Major Kira Nerys becomes the ambassador between humanity and Bajor in DS9, and she has the same exciting, interesting characteristics of Ensign Ro and then some. Kira’s fighting spirit and stubbornness become staples of DS9 and also illustrate perfectly how Bajorans have become conditioned to expect the worst from outsiders. Major Kira quite literally grew up in a war, after all, along with many other Bajorans.

Jadzia Dax’s connection to the Klingon culture would become increasingly important as the series progressed, especially after the fourth-season arrival of Worf. In the episode ” The Sword of Kahless “, Dax joins Worf and Kor in the search for the titular Klingon yed by: Terry Farrell.

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Deep Space Nine (DS9) Season 3

Dax figured it out. Mirror-Janeway holds up a sign saying: He has hair, a different uniform and no beard.

Jun 05,  · Re: Why, oh why did the writers have Jadzia Dax and Warf marry? Lance said: ↑ See that’s where I don’t see the criticism of the Worf/Jadzia relationship, or even Worf/Deanna.

Keiko began talking of visiting her mother after seeing the condition of the space station when first arriving there. Shortly after arriving at Deep Space Nine, Keiko decided to start a school. Jake Sisko and Nog were the first students to enroll. Later, Keiko went on a botanical expedition to Bajor. Pregnant with her second child, an accident endangered mother and child on the way back to DS9.

Doctor Julian Bashir saved them both by removing the fetus and implanting it into Kira Nerys ‘ womb. In her honor, the child was named “Kirayoshi. They remained away for a time until the fields of battle had shifted far enough to make Deep Space Nine safe again. She originally appeared on Star Trek: From her point of view, she had experienced approximately ten years of solitary existence.

Back at Deep Space Nine, she was wild and uncontrollable, unable to cope with life on the space station; after a violent altercation in Quark ‘s, Starfleet officials intended to place her in a mental health institution. The O’Briens returned to Golana IV, hoping to send Molly back through the time portal to the place and time she had become accustomed to, preferring her happiness over a possible lifetime of confinement.

However, she was returned to the point where she had first entered, allowing the adult Molly to help her child counterpart return home, erasing the adult Molly from history in the process.

Vandalia Man Injured In I-70 Crash

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A Vandalia man was injured in a two-vehicle crash on Interstate 70 Monday evening. Illinois State Police say Benjamin Morris Ray, age 45, of Vandalia, was eastbound at the 61 milepost exit ramp at Vandalia when he was distracted and did not see a semi truck stopped near the top of the ramp.

Fri May 9, 3: Moore Directed by Andrew J. Robinson Season 5, Episode 3 Original air date: October 14, Stardate: Worf and Dax are discussing opera singers in the replimat when the Lady Grilka shows up on the Promenade alongside Tumek and a bodyguard, Thopok. After Grilka takes her leave, Thopok threatens Quark—if he helps her, all is well, but if he fails to aid her, Thopok will kill him.

Him being Klingon and all, flirting means literally tossing Morn out of his seat promising to apologize for that later , loudly ordering bloodwine, and insulting Thopok. However, Tumek cuts him off at the pass and takes him aside. Grilka could not even consider mating with him.

Every Episode of Every ‘Star Trek’ Series Ever, Ranked

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Name That Episode 4 click to play it. Shadowplay After tracking down the source of the omicron particles down on the alien planet, Dax and Odo soon find themselves assisting the inhabitants with finding the missing people who have mysteriously ‘disappeared’. Dax’s tricorder isn’t working properly due to her proximity to the reactor device in the town plaza, so she borrows a hand-held scanner from one of the elders.

Later, after she, Odo and the little girl have traversed the steep hillside and come into a clearing, her scanner suddenly vanishes from her hands, much in the same way that a portion of the little girl’s arm vanishes when she tries to hand Odo a bunch of berries. It’s then determined that all of the inhabitants, except for their flesh-and-blood creator, are actually holograms, and that there’s an invisible boundary preventing the people from exiting into other areas of the planet’s valley.

Her freighter is released without further incident when the Defiant intervenes with no other Federation vessels present. Name That Episode 3 click to play it. The Way Of The Warrior The Klingons, operating on suspicion that a Changeling had infiltrated Cardassia, had been stopping every ship and inspecting them for Changelings onboard, even if meant violating Bajoran space.

Shortly after Captain Sisko’s sweetheart leaves the station, the senior staff is alerted that Kasidy’s freighter is being tractored by a Klingon Bird Of Prey. Sisko and his crew then take the Defiant to intercept the Klingons who, after some persuasion on Sisko’s part, release the freighter without causing harm to Kasidy and her crew. Deep Space Nine” Season 7 click to play it. Question by author Daddy

Worf, the Romantic