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Most words ending in an unstressed -our in British English e. Wherever the vowel is unreduced in pronunciation , e. Most words of this kind came from Latin, where the ending was spelled -or. They were first adopted into English from early Old French , and the ending was spelled -or or -ur. Some 16th- and early 17th-century British scholars indeed insisted that -or be used for words from Latin e. By contrast, Johnson’s pre-U. Johnson, unlike Webster, was not an advocate of spelling reform, but chose the spelling best derived, as he saw it, from among the variations in his sources. He preferred French over Latin spellings because, as he put it, “the French generally supplied us”.

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Analog and digital color photography process descriptors, naming conventions, dating, permanence characteristics Keywords Analog and digital color photography process descriptors, naming conventions, dating, permanence characteristics, Henry .

Alex I think you should only use were in this context if it is contrary to the fact. For example ‘if I were you’ as opposed to ‘if I was you’. So I used ‘was’ in this instance, which I feel is acceptable, you obviously don’t. Well I aim to continue using ‘was’ where I feel it is appropriate. That’s how I distinguish between were and was. Perhaps we should agree to disagree as I am being warned to avoid extended discussions. Anyway, what’s your data to show that native English speakers don’t use ‘was’ in that way?

Long live the King! That was an old rhyme celebrating the return of Charles II to Britain at the beginning of the Restoration in Sometimes I make the last “i” a “j” an affectation, I know, and a throwback to ancient manuscripts , and drop the “20” in the year, so that I have ” A month-number in Roman numerals can’t be mistaken for a day-number. My way is not perfect: I don’t think O-W Kenobi would write “4. He would write out “May the 4th

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This latest revelation makes it that much harder for Riyadh and the Trump administration to deny the crown prince’s involvement.

Literary Terms and Definitions: C This page is under perpetual construction! It was last updated January 5, This list is meant to assist, not intimidate. Use it as a touchstone for important concepts and vocabulary that we will cover during the term. Vocabulary terms are listed alphabetically. The term in poetry refers to the use of words that combine sharp, harsh, hissing, or unmelodious sounds.

It is the opposite of euphony. A small addition or “extra” item added to an initial letter. Common cadels include pen-drawn faces or grotesques. Examples include the faces appearing in the initial letters of the Lansdowne manuscript of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. The melodic pattern just before the end of a sentence or phrase–for instance an interrogation or an exhortation. More generally, the natural rhythm of language depending on the position of stressed and unstressed syllables.

Cadence is a major component of individual writers’ styles.

Conventions of Courtship: Gender and Race Differences in the Significance of Dating Rituals

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Help:Date Conventions. View the talk page; Views. Help; (This is an example of so-called “Quaker dating” discussed under Month Number and Double Dating is simpler and more intuitive to use the default style and rely on genealogical knowledge of the reader to realize that American dates before 3 Sep are old-style and after 13 Sep.

Holy Manna Brethren, we have met to worship , folk hymn 2: I hear the harps eternal , camp revival song 2: These singers, whose purity of tone, respect for historical context and sensitivity to language and style, and overall ability to capture the musical essence of whatever they perform and always seem to have fun doing it!

And although the program on this new release is several centuries removed from the group’s usual territory, it still comfortably retains the character of “early music”, presenting 20 varied and profoundly engaging examples of early American folk hymns, gospel, and camp revival songs. The music is a natural fit for these voices, relying as it does on clear, distinct lines and precise intonation to allow the open harmonies to fully resonate, and if you’ve heard other groups perform similar repertoire–Wondrous Love, Resignation, Sweet By and By, Shall we gather at the river, Parting Hand, Amazing Grace, etc.

All you have to do is skip to track Sweet hour of prayer–and you’ll be warmed and uplifted by the, yes, angelic harmonies and heartfelt expression. There are two versions of Amazing Grace, the second of which contains the essence of the familiar tune, but it’s buried in the middle of the voicing typical of this style so it sounds almost like a new piece. The singers begin several of the selections in the original manner, using fa-sol-la syllables, then continue with the words. As Anonymous 4 approaches the end of its illustrious recording career we can only offer one more round of applause for yet another entertaining, enlightening musical journey from our own American Angels.

A Mass for the End of Time and visited with modern mystics Darkness into Light , but this may be their most unexpected and rewarding journey yet. Carefully researched, as are all of their recording projects, American Angels: Here are sacred songs from revolutionary New England, so-called “shape-note” songs from the South named for the style of musical notation employed , and others that have become part of the rich gospel repertory.

Many of these tunes will be familiar, of course; “Jewett,” for example, is a version of “Amazing Grace,” as is “New Britain,” though the two are distinct and probably unlike any form of this familiar hymn that you’ve heard before. Indeed, there’s a purity to all of these harmonizations that evokes visions of a primordial, virginal America.

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With 32, potential grid squares, it’s not likely that anyone will run out of challenges, even though some grid squares are surrounded entirely by water or are in areas that are uninhabited or difficult to access. Just enter a postal address, ZIP code, or even a call sign, and his site will tell you the grid square for that location. Once you get active in the chase and start uploading your log data, each new grid square contact confirmed through LoTW will count toward your monthly total.

Getting started is simple. Make a contact, exchange grid squares, log it, and move on to another. At the end of each month, your totals on the Grid Chase leader board will reset to zero, although the system retains these to determine top finishers in various categories at the end of the year.

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Date[ edit ] In the United States , dates are traditionally written in the “month-day-year” order, with neither increasing nor decreasing order of significance. This order is used in both the traditional all-numeric date e. The Chicago Manual of Style discourages writers from writing all-numeric dates in this format, since it is not comprehensible to readers outside the United States.

The month is usually written as an abbreviated name, as in “19 Jul ” sometimes with hyphens. When filling in the Form I cards and new customs declaration cards used for people entering the U. Visas and passports issued by the U. The Chicago Manual of Style recommends it for material that requires many full dates, since it does not require commas.

Speaking the “day month year” format is still somewhat rare, with the exception of holidays such as the Fourth of July. It is also commonly used in software cases where there are many separately dated items, such as documents or media, because sorting alphabetically will automatically result in the content being listed chronologically. This order is also used within the Federal Aviation Administration and military because of the need to eliminate ambiguity.

The United States military normally uses the “dd mmm yyyy” format for correspondence. The common month-day-year format is used when corresponding with civilians. Weeks are generally referred to by the date of some day within that week e.

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It has been argued that social norms ought to be understood as a kind of grammar of social interactions. Like a grammar, a system of norms specifies what is acceptable and what is not in a society or group. And, analogously to a grammar, it is not the product of human design. This view suggests that a study of the conditions under which norms come into being—as opposed to one stressing the functions fulfilled by social norms—is important to understand the differences between social norms and other types of injunction such as hypothetical imperatives, moral codes, or legal rules.

Of particular note are pre-fair publications (essays and transcripts of public addresses), dating from to , and written as part of the Century of Progress’ publicity and fundraising campaigns.

Conventions have been refined as per discussions or lack of response to suggested changes on the talk page. Wording has been changed in several places to add more detail or to clarify. If you wish to revise further to either clarify or make a section more concise , please do so. If you wish to continue a discussion about a convention, please do so on the talk page. Fully numeric dates e.

If the record of the event uses numeric dates, it should be converted and entered in the preferred format. See the discussion of conversion in Sources , below. Years or later should always be expressed with 4 digits e. Years before should be expressed with three digits e. Source citations for dates should give the date as expressed in the source.

This is especially important if any interpretation of the source date was required e.

Help:Date Conventions

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Becker – A defensive bidding strategy against opponent’s 1 Notrump openings showing a two-suited hand. Conversely, 2 Diamonds indicates a near game-force and 2 Clubs promises a long running suit to be revealed on opener’s next bid. See Details Bergen Drury – Commonly known as Two Way Reverse Drury, an addition to the Reverse Drury where 2 Clubs shows points with three in partner’s major suit and 2 Diamonds shows points and four trump.

See Details Bergen Over Notrump – A method to show either a one or two-suited hand by interfering at the 2 level over opponent’s 1 Notrump opening bid. See DONT Bergen Raises – A strategic system of responses to partner’s major suit opening bid showing 3 or 4-card trump support, providing both a constructive and preemptive basis: After the auction begins: Details Also see Books on Doubles Bidding Bergen Redouble Over Notrump – A method to show opening 1 Notrump partner assurance of a solid Contract when intervening opponent doubles to show a one-suited or two-suited hand.

Conversely, when responder does not redouble, making a 1 Notrump Contract is doubtful. Details Also see Books on Doubles Beta Cuebid – A control asking structure associated with the Precision bidding system, used without a strong suit fit. However, here an opening of 1 Club shows points but not balanced e. Typically, Blackwood is used when either partner realizes partnership has a combined strength to explore slam and a good suit fit is found.

The name is derived from the nautical signal to show a ship is preparing to sail. Thus, a lead of a low card promises partner a useful honor in the suit led Bottom of Something”. The lead of a high or middle card warns partner the leader cannot provide help in the suit lead Top Of Nothing , asking partner to consider switching to another suit.

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The list includes 21 Republicans and 11 Democrats representing 17 states and the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The push to persuade additional House members to sign on as H. ARRL’s letter-writing campaign and the efforts by many ARRL members to meet with their members of Congress and their staffs in person,” said Henderson, who has spent the past few weeks collecting additional letters of support from League members to forward to US House members by next week.

Henderson explained that this approach speeds delivery, since individual pieces of mail to members of Congress are scanned for threats. Henderson emphasized that a successful outcome requires as many co-sponsors as possible, and letting House members hear from ARRL members in their role as voters and constituents can contribute to making that happen.

The current campaign in support of H.

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Order or download our brochure Explore our latest brochure for Japan holiday inspiration Order a printed version Manners, customs and the Japanese way Manners and customs are an important part of many facets of Japanese life. Japanese people grow up picking up the subtleties of this unique culture as they go through life, respecting the invisible and varied societal rules. There are many aspects of this seemingly complicated culture that as a foreign visitor you will not be expected to know, but there are some things that will be easier to grasp than others.

Bowing One of the most obvious social conventions is the bow. Everyone bows when they say hello, goodbye, thank you or sorry. Bowing is a term of respect, remorse, gratitude and greeting. If you meet someone in Japan you may wish to give them a little bow, but you do not necessarily need to bow to everyone who bows to you. Entering a shop or restaurant for example, you will be greeted by shouts of irrashaimase welcome and a bow from the staff as a sign of respect to you as the customer.

As the customer, you will not be expected to bow back as you could be facing a long bow-off as the staff will feel it necessary to bow back to you. You may prefer to adopt the casual head-nod version of the bow as a sign of acknowledgement when thanked for your purchase at the end of your shopping experience. Many Japanese people use the head-nod in more casual everyday situations. As a visitor to Japan you will probably have no use for either of these. You may have more use for this bow during your time in Japan, but you will not be expected to use it and Japanese these days are more than familiar with shaking hands.

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