The Best of New York Fun and Nightlife 2017

Share This Advertisement With its sweeping views of New York Bay, the occasional cobblestone street and an industrial vibe a holdover from when it was one of the country’s busiest shipping centers , Red Hook has a character all its own. It’s the big city infused with the flavor of New England, and it’s become home to artisans, musicians, beekeepers, rooftop gardeners and a host of creatives and entrepreneurs. Getting to the neighborhood is easier than ever. The ferries depart every 50 minutes and run from To get there by public transportation, the way to go is the B61 bus the B57 goes there less frequently , which does a loop through the neighborhood; it’s an easy connection from many subway lines. Get on at Jay St. There are free shuttle buses to Ikea from the subway stops at the corner of Smith and 9th Streets, 4th Avenue and 9th Street and from Brooklyn Borough Hall. Many of the spots in this roundup are within walking distance of Ikea. With its stellar food scene, eclectic shopping and stunning views of the Statue of Liberty, Red Hook is filled with unexpected treasures. The resourceful will be rewarded.

The 10 Best Hook-Up Bars In NYC

Where to Pick Up Girls in: New York City, New York! The Big Apple, otherwise known as the city that never sleeps — and it definitely delivers! This is the one city in the world where every body parties. From the Wall Street brokers and law firm partners of Manhattan and for those of you looking for a sugar momma to the beautiful aspiring models and actresses, there is something for everybody.

Something about the fast pace nature of this city attracts the most gorgeous girls from all over the country working to look like the hottest girl at any given club meaning anything from elegant to hoochie and everything in between.

Gansevoort Park Rooftop Bar New York City VIP booths and bottle services are available inside and outside and there are also multiple private rooms for VIP parties. New York City VIP Services will hook you and your friends up with any seat in the house and our guests are offered additional discounts on bottles as well as a waived cover fee.

Starting in our own lobby, and venturing to some of our favorite borough hangouts, this is the Brooklyn-unseen that you should check out. A relaxed vibe features handcrafted cocktails, snack-size dishes, and some outdoor seating. Brooklyn, NY Featherweight This is one of the most fun Brooklyn speakeasies you can find, and its hidden entrance is complemented by stellar cocktails. The inside feels like a hidden New York City wonder.

This often overlooked gem is one of the most coveted food truck havens in the city, and one of its most organic pop-up traditions. Be sure to grab some cheesy goodness from Solber Pupusas. The shop is a learning center, as well as a proprietor of novelty crime fighting toys, gadgets, and souvenirs.

Bars in New York City

All the greats made their names here, and young up-and-comers flock to the city for the chance to prove themselves. List maintained by Gordon Polatnick: Gordon Polatnick moved back to New York City in and was immediately bitten by the jazz bug. Soon after, he developed West Miles Disease and has been scratching that itch all over town in search of improvisational healing.

They love to hang out in bars with younger traveling men since they are not looking for commitment. There is no lack of young males entranced by these cougars in New York City. The Ava Lounge The Ava Lounge is in the penthouse of the Dream Hotel.

There are plenty of venues where you can get acquainted with new people and pick up a hot date. Haute Living presents a guide to the best hook up bars in Russian Capital. It features outstanding views, historic settings and has an atmosphere of crazy fun. At weekends up to 3, visitors pass in front of the bartenders. It is extremely popular within an international crowd. This trendy loft space features the bare brick walls, leather sofas, a bookstore, a screening-room showing films about art, and a small gallery hall.

Art Academia serves as a perfect start of the night. Bersenevskaya Embankment,6, building 3 3 Manon Club Manon is a trendy club located in a brutal venue. Opened only a year ago, it become popular very soon. The turbulent and active socializing is accomplished here with the vast cocktail card at the bar. The club boast two sumptuous bar and a dance floor. Bacchanalian central round bar is possibly the best place to make new acquaintances. Party season is always in full swing here.

It is very fashionable.

New York City – Brooklyn Travel Guide

Share This Advertisement Cheers! Since you clicked through to this article, you must love wine. Well, whatever your drinking style, New York City is happy to accommodate you. The City is home to many distinguished wine bars, along with several wineries, ranging from dressy date spots to more casual watering holes. Read on for details.

Cramped, hot places with free-flowing alcohol are still your best bet, and lucky for you, New York City is a treasure trove of such locales, as our roundup of the 50 best bars in NYC attests.

Red Hook is geographically isolated: By , Red Hook had 21, residents, many of them longshoremen living in the Red Hook Houses, a public housing project built in to accommodate the growing number of dockworkers and their families. The neighborhood had a tough reputation—with such notorious figures as Al Capone getting their start there as small-time criminals—and its seedy side was immortalized in movies such as the On the Waterfront , starring a young Marlon Brando.

When containerization shipping replaced traditional bulk shipping in the s, many businesses at the Red Hook ports moved to New Jersey—as did the jobs. In , the towering Houses, comprised of East and West clusters, were home to 11, residents, more than a third of which were under the age of Unemployment was high and by the early s, Red Hook was suffering from very serious problems: Life magazine named it one of the ten worst neighborhoods in the U.

Jazz Clubs in New York City

Nightlife New York City Nightlife New Yorkers are fond of the “work hard, play hard” maxim, but the truth is, Gothamites don’t need much of an excuse to hit the town. Any day of the week could easily be mistaken for a Friday or Saturday; the bottom line is that there’s always plenty to do in this hour city. Whether it’s raising a glass in a divey s saloon, a gay sports bar, the latest dimly lit cocktail den, or a swanky rooftop lounge; checking out the latest band; or laughing it up at a comedy show, it isn’t hard for visitors to get a piece of the action.

The nightlife scene still resides largely downtown—in the dives of the East Village and Lower East Side, the classic jazz joints of the West Village, and the Meatpacking District’s and Chelsea’s “see-and-be-seen” clubs. Midtown, especially around Hell’s Kitchen, has developed a vibrant scene, too, and plenty of preppy hangouts dot the Upper East and Upper West Sides.

7 recent Bartender Salaries submitted: $34,, $50, Compare occupation salaries to similar jobs.

Important cities in New York? New York City of course it has a lot of famous and cool things like the empire state building and the statue of liberty and Rockefeller center and time square and central park and Broadway and much more also i have been to new york so i know! What is the best to do in New York City? If you are visiting, I would suggest spending time doing touristoriented things as well as things that someone who lives here woulddo.

For example, the top of the rock, and times square arewonderful tourist destinations. The Toys R Us in Times Squareis the store with the famous dinosaur gigantic tyrannosaurus rex and merry-go-round inside. There are other attractions: Patrick’s Cathedral, Trump Tower,and 5th avenue very beautiful. Columbus Circle is on 60th and Columbus–it isalso a major attraction. The Time Warner Building is here considered a mall by some, but not an actual mall.

Lincoln Centeris on 63rd and Columbus also near a cluster of great cafes , so ifyou are planning to visit either the Columbus Circle or LincolnCenter.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone regrets slow hook of Luis Severino

Here are our favorites in the city, and note that no, it is not a coincidence that most of these are in Murray Hill, the East Village, or Williamsburg, now the Murray Hill of Brooklyn. May the L train have mercy on our souls. No matter how much Williamsburg has changed over the last decade, it’s nice to see some things stay the same—Union Pool is still the number one hook-up bar in Brooklyn, a title it’s held at least since

New Yorkers fed up with noisy nightlife have the odds stacked against them when filing complaints about loud bars and clubs.

We have a great New York City hookup bar guide for you! Read on, and get ready to meet hot singles in New York City. Whatever you are into, whatever you are looking for, you can find it in NYC. From noodle bars to jazz, postcard worthy views to kitsch night clubs, packed dance floors to drag shows, arcade bars to bar and grills, New York City hookup bars are unlike any you will see across the rest of the US, so if you are just a visitor, or even a well traveled local, prepare to have your mind blown.

Our guide covers everything from gay bars to cocktail bars, but before we get to that, there is a breakdown of the history of the NYC dating scene, and some hints about when to go out. If you haven’t tried a hookup guide from adulthookups. So without further ado, please raise your glass, and here’s to getting lucky in one of New York City’s hottest hookup bars! From gay clubs that serve great food all to the tune of some of NYC’s best DJs, to western themed spots that specialize in dancing bar staff, from bars that serve grilled kangaroo, to bars that are tended only by fire breathing women, you will find some truly amazing NYC hookup spots on our list that simply have to be seen to be believed.

New York City knows how to throw a party, and you will see from our guide that follows just how good they are at it! History Of The New York City Dating Scene Called the cultural capital of the world by some, NYC is the birthplace of so many social trends it is dizzying to list them all, but they include jazz, punk, disco, freestyle, salsa, and hip hop to name a few.

The performing arts in New York City have long been its most enduring cultural offering to the world, and with over languages spoken in NYC, it is the most culturally diverse city on Earth, and has been for a long time. The first recognizable dating scene in the city probably started when the earliest settlers came over from Europe, but what we see today as the bar and club scene has its roots in the late s when taverns and inns became commonplace. Prohibition put a dent in the dating scene, but as soon as it ended and the two World Wars finished, society really blossomed in NYC.

Gay New Orleans: Decadence and so much more

Byron Smith New York City is off the legal hook for the brutal beating of a gay black man who was half-blinded in a Brooklyn attack linked to an orthodox Jewish neighborhood watch group. But Patterson’s federal civil rights suit was too slim on specifics to keep the city a part of it, the judge said. Advertisement Garaufis also tossed claims against two men linked to the December attack — including one who was sentenced to prison time for his role in the assault.

But the ruling doesn’t wipe out Patterson’s lawsuit.

As New York gears up to celebrate Pride weekend, a look back to New York’s earliest gay bars reveals how, long before the Stonewall Riots, LGBTs found places to be themselves.

Map Gay New Orleans: Decadence and so much more When most people think of New Orleans, Mardi Gras is the first thing that comes to mind. But this city is a fun place to play year-round with its liberal open container law, large and diverse group of bars open hours a day. Most of the venues are clustered in a small area of the French Quarter around St. Ann and Bourbon Street–which makes it easy to barhop and explore all that New Orleans gay life has to offer.

You’ll find all types of people here from the youngest “are they old enough to be in here? Even post-Katrina, most holiday weekends bring in big crowds and Labor Day draws the biggest for Southern Decadence, an all-gay and mostly male version of Mardi Gras. Suddenly you remember you’re on vacation in New Orleans, the city that really never sleeps. Sure we all could just come and stay belligerently drunk the entire time, but it would be a shame to miss this city’s magnificence.

Besides you don’t want blurred vision to drown out this city’s charm.

Best bars/clubs to pick up women in St. Louis, no BS?

In the past, there were mobsters and maritime ports, hurricanes and housing developments. Now there are politicians and developers fighting to rebuild and locals fighting back. In the end, what will happen to Red Hook is unknown but none of the massive proposals will happen in the near future. It is a small community in a big city that is tackling the issue many neighborhoods have dealt with in the past — how to grow. After the massive Hurricane Sandy rebuilding effort, there is a very solid and passionate local population and a growing cluster of cool restaurants, retailers, and artists attracted to the area.

AECOM, the construction and engineering firm, has a massive proposal to redevelop acres of Red Hook waterfront into a mixed community as well as extending the 1 subway line from Manhattan.

The Houses. One of the largest public housing projects in New York City and in the country, the Red Hook Houses were first built as a Federal Works Program initiative under former President.

A human sized hookah. A giant cardboard bear. An NYPD power broker. And the top billing in a new list of the allegedly noisiest bars and clubs in the city. Localize looked at persistent problems, and ranked establishments by the number of days where complaints were filed, instead of just the total number of complaints. However, since this list is based on calls, which are curiously correlated with gentrification , the list might speak more about a changing neighborhood than a noisy bar.

But the list does highlight bars that have some interesting histories. The Wall Street Journal revealed that the Upper West Side bar West End Lounge, number two on the list, was identified as a coffee shop on its liquor license application. The venue’s manager, John Forslund, told the Journal that West End Lounge plays live music, has comedy, and is open until 4 a.